Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life is Good and Getting Better Everyday

Hello to all... I had so much to talk about last night that I have a few more things to share with you today.

First...only 2 days of the cleanse left!  I can see the finish line...though I must admit, this 4th week has not been difficult.

Secondly, we leave Friday morning for ENCHANTED ROCK!!!  Countdown has begun! Another mini-goal is ready for conquering!!!  We are meeting my co-worker Kristen and her boyfriend Stephen there and Kristen, Stephen and I will be doing the hiking!  Tone Tone and Nettie...will be cheering us on!!! 

Please keep us all in your prayers for safe travels and safe climbing! 

So last night...after my fabulous health news...I had dinner plans with my former English teacher (from 8th grade).  We have been in contact again for a few years now...thanks to Facebook and her willingness to send me a message!!!  As we sat at dinner last night...I had the realization that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to sit down and talk to a former teacher...especially one that makes a lasting impression on that leaves a mark on your life and heart!  It is a fabulous experience. When we reconnected a few years ago..I took the opportunity to share with her how much she meant to me as a kid...I had very specific memories that I shared with her.  It was a great feeling to get to say something I did not even know how to say as a 13/14 year old.  It was cathartic!  It was fun and it was important for me to say!  It was a complete gift that I got the opportunity!

Which makes the fact that we have stayed in touch and have dinner from time to time so sweet.  She is reading my blog and was nice enough to not give me a grade on the grammar (or lack thereof) that I display here.  She shared with me some really kind words about my writing and I am grateful for her feedback. I am grateful that my teacher has become my friend.

It is a gift.  Another amazing gift that I have in my life.  I have a few other former teachers following along on my Journey and one of them sent me this message last night. 

Jaime, I couldn't be more proud of you and more happy for you!! Prayers are with you as you continue on this amazing journey!

Not only was she a teacher (she was my very 1st volleyball coach) that impacted my young life as a volleyball player and student...but she also impacted my Christian life.  I did not know that a 7th grader...but I know now. 

So I hope they both don't mind...but I am going to thank them both right here...

Thank you...Beverly "Mama" Jennings and Coach Carolyn Farr!  You can both know that you left a lasting impression on me as a kid and continue to impact my life as an adult.  For that I am eternally grateful and I am feeling quite blessed! 

So each day of this Journey teaches me something new.  If my heart is open and my eyes are on God...there are blessings around every corner and over every hill!!! 

A few more blessings for today: sweet co-workers are showing me great support!  Thank you Lindsey for your generosity and your sweet heart.  Thank you Kristen for your wonderful keeps this old fluffy girl inspired!!! 

Life is Good and Getting Better Everyday! 


  1. Totally Awesome Jaime! Love you and your blog! Mar:)

  2. I'm so glad we could hike with you. I think it would have been lonely for you to go up on your own. We're looking forward to joining you on Saturday morning for the trek up the granite.