Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seeing, Accepting, Sharing

Hello everyone...I hope your day has been fantastic!  Today was a decent day...and I am still that is a good day in my book! 

I did wake up with a headache today..the 1st significant headache I have had in a few weeks...believe it or not...that is a Blessing.  Last year at this time...I was probably having migraines 2 to 3 times a week and starting April 15th of last year..I had a migraine for more than 6 straight weeks. It sucked big time...and I was completely debilitated by it.  So NOT having a migraine for almost 4 unbelievable! 

I have made the decision to rest tonight.  As most of you that have been reading along for the past 7 months know...I have struggled with resting or understanding when to rest.  One thing that I have that resting is a MUST.  My body gets tired...and despite by brain's insistence that I am still a young, vibrant, athlete...reality is that my body is in fact 46 years old...and NOT too vibrant! 

So tonight...I walked Greta (Emily's dog---I am doggie sitting) and knew that was the only exercise this body is up for tonight.  But as I was standing in the front yard...letting Greta get some air and take care of "bidness" brain was saying " better not slow have a long way to go!...just a constant little irritating voice going over and over in my makes me crazy...For those of you that know me well, you know I can do some serious talking...sometimes incessantly AND for those that have had to live with me...well you know that when I am tired...I TALK MORE!!  So what happens on the outside is 10X worse on the inside..again...crazy making. 

But a funny thing happened...I decided to pray...standing right there in the front yard...just STOP and pray...Pray for a peaceful mind, pray for tolerance of my own pace on this Journey, pray for patience and pray for relief from my own crazy voice!!! I was standing there...a friend pulls up in her car...a friend that I am just getting to know but a friend that completely warms my heart!  She is just one of those comforting, " wonderfully present" people...I don't even know if she knows that...but that is my experience.  So she pulls up...we talk for a few minutes...I get out of own head...I get to smile..laugh a bit... A Happy Happenstance..NO WAY!  For me...a Prayer Answered!  In record time!!!  I left there feeling peaceful, happy and perfectly content with my decision to not workout! 

I choose to believe that God works through others...I do not take that lightly and that is why I feel compelled to share the story above.  Though it may sound a little far fetched to some...that moment served as just another reminder to me that God is constantly working WITH me on this Journey.  He knows what I need and He provides.  I just have to be willing to SEE it, ACCEPT it and SHARE it! 

So thanks C!!! Thanks for stopping! 

This entire Journey continues to be about Seeing, Accepting and applies to just about every experience I have had along this path. 

SO...I am going to sign off...put on my PJ's...and REST...Rest my mind, my body and my spirit! 

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