Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Will...with God's Help

Happy Sunday!  I hope your day is as beautiful as it is here in Houston, TX today!
This is the 3rd Sunday that I have taken some "me" time or some "be still" time in the post, read, listen and provide myself some time to prepare my heart and mind for the next "right" step in this Journey! 
I have very quickly become very fond of this time!  Today the air is crisp, there are lots of people out, kids, dogs, some REALLY happy birds and me...sitting at a picnic table...below are a few pics of some of my favorite things I see!  Beautiful skies...and my beautiful diet cherry limeade from Sonic!  Lol!
Today...I sit here praying for renewed strength, revitalized courage and a powerful, abiding Faith!  I pray that I can be an example of God's Love...that I trust this Journey, show gratitude to those around me...respecting their Journey and share my desire to love, learn and grow!
I received a message from Kerri  Walsh on Friday...addressing "plateaus"
She said (I am paraphrasing)...
Plateaus are such tough tests...but are necessary evils to get the changes you are making to become habit.
I really love that...I need to "reframe" the "plateaus" into a more positive light.  There really are things to learn in every single moment of this process...It may take me a few times around the block to learn them...but I will catch on eventually!!

Kerri also encouraged me to "keep pushing"...I will...with God's Help!

Week #32 will be filled with more opportunities to lose the fluff, grow the Faith and share the Love...

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