Friday, March 8, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Happy Friday! I hope all is well.  We are in Fredericksburg...after making a 3.5 hour drive into a 6 hr drive.  We can do some dilly dallying!
But we enjoyed our drive....we stopped to "smell the roses" rushing....just laid back traveling.

I finished the cleanse....Yay!   Lost 2 more lbs!  Just in time to have a few food challenges to face!  This is "kolache country" and bread, cookies...etc.  Lots of temptations....though I did "taste" a other sweets passed these lips!

I am pumped for tomorrow....pray for doable weather!  I have my back pack ready....organized and ready to "rock" and roll!  Hopefully the rolling will be minimal!

I have received some really supportive, encouraging messages from friends and family today....kind words, funny words, all blessings and all appreciated!

Of course it makes me feel great...inspires me and reminds me that God has surrounded me with Angels.

No Exaggeration...EVERYDAY of this Journey is another amazing example of God's Grace...I may struggle at times...I may not always to see the blessings until they bowl me over and it may be take a lot longer than expected....But I am loving the smell of all of the Roses along the way!

I am going to try to get some sleep..

Thanks to all od my Angels today.

Keith, Camille, Marian, Stef, Brig, Mary....thanks for the special messages!

AND....thanks to my travel and climb partners...Nettie, Mom, Kristen and Stephen.

Love and Hugs...Climb Every Mountain.

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