Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Settle Your House

Happy Tuesday...I hope today is filled with lots of wonderful, warm and fuzzies!!! 

We had our 1st Volleyball practice of the Spring Season last night and let me tell you...We are going to be a tough team!!!  My girls are BEAST!!!

They will be fun to work with and I am looking forward to learning and growing as a group!!! 
As I said last night our Team Motto is officially:
Of course, one of the biggest bonus factors in coaching Emily's volleyball team is getting to spend time with my girl.  She is growing up and I am loving every minute I get to spend with her...
She is bright, funny, loving, headstrong, goofy...generally, just precious!  I have always called her my Precious Girl...I still, to this day, ask her...Are you my Precious Girl?  Which I have been saying to her since she was tiny...She always says yes..only now..she adds a roll of the eyes!!! 
Our conversations to and from Volleyball are the best 20 minutes of my day!!! 
Tonight I am having dinner with my friend Mary...who is also quite precious!!  She makes me laugh, she makes think and is quite inspiring...She works in the same industry as I do...only she goes to Medical school on the side!!!  Wow!!! 
I am feeling better this week...my workouts are going better and I am starting to think this week will see another weight loss...I am hoping the Good Friday weigh in is a winner!!! 
I received a note from an old college friend...she was always very funny, very smart and was an absolute dynamo in college.  I have not seen her since we graduated (just last week...lol) but am Blessed to have reconnected with her via Facebook....She wrote this to me: 
The lesson in today's Sunday School was Adjusting to God's Will ~ and adhering to that direction. We had a mixed bag in the audience....some were: "We have to take care of our family, our community first, and through Him, we can minister in our community"...Some were" We have to be willing to sacrifice, like God" our family to truly be a servant". I'm with the first. You can't serve God if your own House isn't settled...So Jaime - stick with your mission. Settle your House. You are amazing to be committed to your health and The Lord. Those are both HUGE missions. God's Speed.
Really cool words...really hit home for me...Settle Your House!  Though I never thought of it using those very words...this is so very true for me.  My relationship with God...My House...must be settled before I can be all of the other things I want to be...
I am surrounded by Amazing People!!!  I am surrounded by God's Love!
Thank you LeeAnne!
Have a great evening and God Bless! 

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