Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Battle Buffered by Blessings

Hi there...Happy Sunday to my peeps...Hope u are all well and have had a lovely, refreshing Sunday!

So...September is almost done...Wow...seems like it just started!  My...How time flies when your trying to lose weight!

So...I am still stalled...but literally am trying to take this lull in stride....working HARD to not over analyze...which is virtually impossible for me!  But...I keep practicing!

I have a 5K in a month and would like to be able to run a portion of it...and if I am going to do that...I probably need to train a!

I am not 100%. But...was not even 50% when I started this Journey. And...I started!
So I am not waiting until I am 100%...I can't!  I have to fight through the roadblocks. ..sitting and waiting is not the answer for me today...I have had a rest and now I must GO!

This is a battle...a battle buffered by Blessings...and I must trust the full armor of God will protect me during my vulnerable moments!

So I know that I must walk before I run...I must trust before I conquer and I must believe before I know!

Year 2 is a bit of a biatch! But I have come this far...No turning back now!

I need your help! Have from the beginning! Still Do!

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