Thursday, September 5, 2013

Desperately Seeking Recombobulation

DISCOMBOBULATED!!!  That is me today...Part migraine hangover...part busy at work...part hormonal female...part struggling Fluffy Girl = DISCOMBOBULATION!

Cursing ALERT!

In other words...I can't seem to find my ass with both hands!!!  And that is almost impossible!!!

Do you ever just have those days...those days when you cannot exactly pinpoint what is not right...but know that something is just off!! 

If not...You are my IDOL!!!  If you have...then you know what I am talking about...that slightly off...stumbling around kind of feeling with no alcohol or substance involved!

So yesterday...was a lost day...and although those are fewer and farther between...I so dislike days like yesterday!  I made an attempt to try and decipher what a day like yesterday teaches me...what the lesson is and what gift may come from it!  I am never sure...I suppose it could be argued that the Migraine stops me in my tracks and forces me to rest...I suppose the fact that I actually me the time to ponder those kinds of life lesson questions...Or I suppose it could just provide me the time to watch (listen) to and ponder why Honey Boo Boo is famous!  Regardless...I did not come up with any genius answers to any of those questions...But the good news is...What does not kill you makes you stronger!!  At least I hope that is the case!

So as I sit here this afternoon...I am searching desperately for the:

A Facebook friend posted this the other day and thought to myself then...I will soooo be able to use this some day!!!  TODAY is the day!!!!
I am looking for the Recombobulation AREA!!! 
A. I did not know that there was such a place
B.  It appears that it exists in the Airport
C.  Do I have to be traveling to go through this area?
D. Does it HURT?
E.  Is there an APP for it I can download?
F. Why is nobody using it!!!!
So...there you have it!!!  I am a Tired...Hungry...Head achy...Hormonal...Fluffy girl desperately seeking Recombobulation....Wonder what kind of calls I would get if I put THAT on Craigslist????
On a slightly serious note...I am having my food struggles...I am struggling with the fact that I am STILL struggling and when I have pain...I want to eat! 
So please keep me in your prayers...Pray for Peace and Recombobulation! 
Hugs to all...Jaime


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