Sunday, September 8, 2013

Being a Winner!

Hi there...

I hope today has been a great day for you all!  I am still wondering aimlessly looking for a place to recombobulate! 

NO point in trying to deny that!  I am just off...not way off...but  off nonetheless! 

Of course, I have had no shortage of people reminding me that God is in charge of this Journey...has been from the start and with Him...this Journey will continue...I just have to have keep the faith, stay the course, keep on keepin on and Forge On!! 

And I will...I just am hitting a bump in the road!  I choose to believe that just like everything else that has happened along this Journey so far...that everything happens for a reason...that there is a specific purpose for each experience that I have had and that will continue for the rest of my life....with anything that I undertake! 

I have had several people share with me that they have experienced a bit of a let  down in the past after a major event...something that they have sunk their heart and soul reality is that I am experiencing that let down...that leveling out that takes place after the "high" of completing a major goal! 

I think if I am being honest...I have a fear that somehow year 2 will be less successful...less exciting that the 1st year...and I certainly do not want to create some kind of Groundhog Day effect!  I want it to be a continuation of year one...AND...I want to keep moving forward...I need to continue to move in a direction of success...not status quo....As much as emotional and spiritual growth can be scary and challenging...the rewards...the amazing gifts that come from the experience are too good too avoid!  And of course...I  want this Fluffy body to continue to defluff....I want to experience what it feels like to NOT be able to call myself Fluffy anymore and it be completely and totally true!

Basically...I want to win this Fight!!!!  I am going to keep putting the idea of being a winner out there...until I feel like one!!!

So....I have a few obstacles to overcome this week...The Blahs and a bum right leg...

I have had to take a couple of days off from my workouts...My right knee and foot are not fully much as I don't like it....I am taking a small break.  Need to heal a bit!

Tonight the Play It Forward-Rally to Serve committee met to have a "wrap up" session and to begin to lay out plans for next year. 

I am so proud to announce that WE raised over $6,000 (net) for our charities.  Each charity will receive a $3000.00 donation!  I am proud of our efforts and pleased with the results for a first year event.

I am hoping that our success this year launches us to new heights next year!  If  you missed the event this year....I so hope you will plan on joining us next year!  We will announce our date for next year soon!
For all of you that took part in this event...please know that you have been a huge part in the success of something that I hope will be an annual event..that reminds  us all that we can have an impact and that our children are worth our efforts and that we ALL are capable of great things!!

To my friends and my Momma...thank you all for special efforts...for taking the time of  your very busy lives to be such a special part of mine.

I have all kinds of great people in my life....My Mom...who has never said to me that I am incapable of doing great things.

To my friends who though you all know me in different ways...each of you have a part of my heart!

To those of you that have joined in on this Journey through this blog...or Facebook, Twitter...word of mouth...etc...each of you have had a special impact on my success in this weight loss Journey and in making me a better person!

Just like in life....I have people in my life that support me...I have a few skeptics...a few uninterested and LOTS and LOTS of those of that go above and beyond...Way Beyond!!!  I thank ALL of  you....ALL of you keep this experience  real and keep me honest and give me  reasons to push harder and fight for what I want!  That is invaluable!!!

Thank you tonight to my sweet Coach Carolyn Farr, Aunt Lois, Katrina, Karen and Kate...your words of encouragement are awesome...

And to my friend Brigette...who always makes me feel like I am a better person than I actually am!!!!  Hugs!

All of you push me to Go Above and Beyond...Way Beyond!!! All of you encourage me to be a Winner!


  1. Jaime, years ago I used blogging as a way to get through a very difficult time in my life. I poured much of my struggle into it. When I hit a similar hardship years later, it was nice to re-read some of that original blog. I found some strength in knowing where I came from and what was in my head during those early days.

    You have come a very long way through your journey. Sometimes a brief look into early days helps one see again how far you've really travelled. You had an amazing year, but that is just seed for the crop you can harvest this year.

    Congrats on the $ totals for charity!! You are a blessing to others.

    1. Thank u Howard for the thoughts. As usual. . Very valuable! Thank you si to you

  2. Jaime,
    I think I must have hit the wrong button just now on a comment, so let me try again!! Ha ha.. Par for the course today! ;)

    You are such an encouragement, and I just want you to know how obvious it is that you are a winner and an achiever!! Look how much progress you have already made. It's a privilege to be blessed by your honest posts - which encourage me to be a fighter for my goals also and not give up, and it's great to be able to be in your "corner" --- or maybe should I say your "side of the court"??? :)

    I really can't wait until your year 2 celebration. It will be hard to top your year 1, but let's anticipate... I will anticipate on your behalf... Day by day... More than conquerors. Yes!!!

    - Karen

    1. Again Karen...Your words are golden! Thank you! I too, am looking forward to all that Year 2 has to offer! Blessings!