Monday, September 2, 2013

The Death of a Cereal Killer

HELLOOOO!  I hope everyone has enjoyed  this Labor Day weekend and that you all had plenty of time to enjoy family, friends, rest and relax!!! 

Today, was a good day!  Got up fairly early and went to walk with my friend Deb...who I have not seen in a lifetime.  Except we did not walk...but instead TALKED!!!  Something that I have always LOVED doing with her!!! She is absolutely hilarious...and is a wonderful OVERCOMER!!! 

I met her when I was still in college...I went to work for a mortgage company while on break  from school...Worked with some great people...some really funny I think it is quite a blessing to get to sit down with her 20+ years later and talk about life!!! 

Another one of those great God moments...Funny enough...she lives less than 20 minutes from she is going to be a new walking partner!!! Nice!!! 

So...After a full day of visiting...I managed to squeeze in a nap before getting ready for work tomorrow!!

But...tonight...I want to discuss an issue...A Cereal Issue....I love cereal...especially as a late night snack....I come by it naturally.  My whole life I have memories of getting up during the night and seeing the shadow of my grandmother sitting at the breakfast table have a "midnight" bowl of cereal...Either that OR she would have a bowl of cereal right before she went to bed!!

Regardless...I am my grandmother's grand daughter!!  I like a bowl of late night cereal...Which leads me to this...I am a Serial "Cereal" Eater...A Cereal Killer so to speak...I can "kill" a bowl of cereal in 5 minutes!!  Gulp! 

When I started this Journey...I knew....deep down inside that late night cereal was No Bueno!!!  And I realized that if I was going to tackle this weight loss...I could no longer be a "Cereal Killer"!!!!

Well...kicking the habit has been an uphill battle...I generally have done really well...but lately...Lately...I have gone back to my "killing" ways...

Now...Instead of slaughtering a bowl of Frosted Flakes though...I am attacking a bowl of Kellogg's Special K (Special Killer) Honey and Oat Flakes...Geezer Flakes!!! 

I have to stop...late night cereal is a no-no....It is Fluffy Girl's nightmare...or at least it is for the FG!

So...I am attempting to cut myself off...mend my evil Cereal Killing ways and give myself a Cereal Death Penalty...NO MORE CEREAL.

It is just one of those foods that I cannot have!  It may sound odd to some of you...but...throughout this entire Journey...I have mentally made a list of foods that I cannot have...that are  just dangerous overeating foods!!! 

So as a part of tackling year two....Sorry Kellogg's...but this girl has got to stop!!! 

I must find a new snack to fill my beloved cereal's shoes...I must get back to my almond butter and banana snack...or grapes...but NO MORE CEREAL...

Insert Musical interlude here "Taps"

So...clearly I have my continuing food battles to overcome!!!  I can beat this Cereal addiction!!!  :))



  1. Late night frozen green grapes is a fave of the Mancub1. Totally understand that late night cereal is no Bueno. (She doesn't do that either. ;)

    You are a serial success artist. Keep up the strong efforts!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Hugs to you guys and thank you for always making me smile!