Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Nation Under God

Today is a day to Remember and reflect on all that was lost...all the lives cut short. Today is a day to Remember all of the Love shared in those short lives.
Today is day to respectfully Remember all of the Overcomers...those that responded to save lives, those that gave their lives and those that had to rise above the tragedy and live their lives.
Today is a day to Remember that we are One Nation Under God. Indivisible!

I will NEVER Forget!

I read lots of 9-11 posts on social media today!  Lots of well thought out words, sentiments, memories of that day.  Probably like most of you, I can tell you EXACTLY where I I found out....and all of the ways that day impacted my life and the lives of those in my immediate little corner of the world.

But when I think of the people who lived that day in the skies over our Washington D.C.and Pennsylvania...I  am acutely aware that I cannot imagine what that felt like!  I never will know.  But here  is what I know now...There are so many stories  that have been woven in and out of the last 12 years...stories of amazing resilience...of unimaginable grief replaced with LOVE of  family and friends and amazing stories of strangers...neighbors...stepping outside of their comfort zones to help others move through that pain and begin to live life again!  This country was forced to rise above the heinous actions of others....and though we are flawed (because we are human)...I believe that as long as We are ONE NATION UNDER GOD...that there is HOPE...HOPE that cannot be conquered with Hate...Hope that Love Conquers All.

As this day comes to a  close...I am prayerful and hopeful...and I am aware that if this  day teaches us nothing else....My Hope is that it teaches us that we are a Nation of Overcomers...Myself included.

So I will in fact, Forge my little world on my little Journey!  One Fluffy Girl Under God!


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