Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Fight to Light is Fierce

So it is Saturday...I got to sleep in today....which was good!  After my long night last night...I needed some rest!

However, I was attacked today by the Hungrys!!! is what I have learned over the past year...When I eat any form...i.e. Margaritas last night...I am STARVING the next day!!! 

So of course, today...I have wanted to eat and eat badly!  So sucks!  Here is the truth...these first couple weeks of Year 2 are starting out a little rough! 

I am still working hard...but am just battling a little boredom with my diet!  I really don't want to admit that...but it is true! I struggle with the beginning of year Two...I must dig a little deeper and work on regaining that unexpected Will Power that I have had throughout Year 1.  I so wanted the "struggle" to be easier this year...and the truth actually seems harder...Keeping the intense motivation, the inspiration, the proving a little difficult...O.K. a lot difficult over the past two weeks. I am...posting my truth here...hoping that the strength that comes from telling the truth...being accountable to all of you...leaving a permanent recording of the things I need help with...somehow continues to be the driving force I need to Forge On...

Life is so much different from a year ago and I know that there is so much that lies many new experiences...AND...I am just feeling Stuck. is a much different kind of stuck from a year ago...but it is still STUCK!!! 

So..I am at a bit of a loss...Just writing rather aimlessly in hopes that what I need to say makes the page! 

Here is what I am focusing on tonight....Each day is a new day....A new opportunity to move through the stuck  parts  and a new opportunity to embrace the lessons to be learned.

As I face the fact that I still have a long way to go...I am grateful that I have come this far and somewhere in this fog of struggle...I have the experience and the HOPE that I have come this far and that with God's help...I can in fact, reach my goal.

So....this is another Gut Check for me!  This IS a Journey...not a road trip...or a stroll...but a Journey!

I have to work hard to reach my goal.  I have to trust my experience and I have to stay Fortified in Faith!!!

I have a approximately 55 more pounds to lose.  I will meet this goal!!!! I know it is possible  because I lost 65+ lbs in the last year.  I just have to BELIEVE it with the same heart and strength that I have had in the last 12 months.

That heart and strength came from a perfect combination of great inspiration, love and support of friends and family and the unfailing Love of Christ! 

I am still trying to find that Recombobulation Area!!! 

The Life of the Fluffy Girl continues...The Fight to Light is fierce!!!  I want to win this battle!!!

Phil: 4:13


  1. Jaime, you will do this!! You will do this with your wisdom from The Lord guiding your steps... You will accomplish. I know there are variables, but something in my gut is so sure... This is a time of practice, I believe. I have had an amazing month of The Lord encouraging me to surrender to Him and follow with enthusiasm out of His strength... Today, it just hasn't come easy at all; I don't even know the reason, BUT I realize God has given me an opportunity to put that in practice out of hope in Him. That same hope you reference above. I have prayed today, "Lord, my desire is to radiate joy for you and experience that in this blessed life, but today's not stacking up to that. Knowing Your will, I rest on the fact that You are good & will provide." And then, I get multiple opportunities to allow myself to choose to focus on what He says & decide to follow that, believe that, live out of that... I share only if it encourages you back as you also encourage me! Please know that the truth about you is that God is so for you, your testimony that will change lives- yours & others, & your inspiration and motivation/courage will continue to come because you are a daughter of the King, who chooses Him in this journey.. Keep going with your great goals, hopes, and wonderful wisdom!!!! You will do this! With Him!!

    1. Great words Karen...So encouraging and so hopeful. I am so amazingly blessed to have people who take the time to show me Faith flashcards (as I like to call them)...Reminders of how I got here and why it IS possible and though I am struggling along this stretch of road...I do know that God will continue to provide the guidance I need to see it through!! Your words mean a great deal! thank you!!!! You will continue to be in my prayers!