Monday, September 23, 2013

Pray it Up...Pray it Away...Pray it Onward!!!

Hi there...OK...So I am looking for some serious prayer warriors out there!

My less than stellar immune system is not playing nice and I am again..running a fever and struggling with some virus type symptoms.  Unfortunately, this is not new...and I have been down this road many times before...

BUT...Given that I am wearing a New Skin these in my Fig Leaf...I REFUSE to  lose this little battle.

I REFUSE to let this keep me from moving forward on my path! 

So here is what I know...Prayers work...for all size problems..big, little, and all sizes in between! 

So Lets Pray It Up!!!  Pray it Away...Pray it Onward!!!

Tonight..I am getting some more rest...Trusting that tomorrow is a new day with a Fresh New Skin!!!!

Hugs to all!!!


  1. This one's for you!!

  2. Hope you feel MUCHO better tommorrow. Love ya...Barb