Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to the Business of Defluffing!

Hello friends of the Fluffy Girl...It is REALLY late!!!  I typically try to blog a little earlier on Fridays...but today was uber busy and I had to scoot early from work so that I could catch Emily's 1st 7th Grade volleyball tournament!

Please hear me say that these 7th grade girls are better than we were in High School!! WTH!

Seriously, these girls are setting and spiking (or at least making every effort to do so) at 12 and 13 years old...I could barely walk and chew gum at that age!  The Fluffy Girl felt old watching the game...It was one of those "These kids today" moments!  I am never quite prepared for those...but I find that they are happening more and more often...

So after the game...Donna and I did what any self respecting middle-aged, overwhelmed, hormonal woman would do...we had margaritas!!!  Now here  is the deal...Margaritas are horribly fattening but wonderfully tasty...something that I do not partake of often...However, I made the executive decision to use my "cheat" on frozen lime deliciousness...with a side of tequila!  A very rare  occurrence for me...but....It did not suck!

Here is part 2 to  that story...tomorrow...when I am attempting to workout...I will be sweating like Niagara Falls...It will be profoundly ugly!  But with every good cheat moment...comes the reality of a workout to 'redeem" my poor behavior!

For those of  you that have ever imbibed too much and then tried to work out the next know what happens...for those that have not...the  sweat output is HUGE!!! A very unattractive side effect and a primary reason why I don't drink much!!! 

But if confession is good for the soul...then I must admit...that it was nice to just let me my proverbial hair down...enjoy myself and NOT be hyper-vigilant about everything I put in my mouth!

AND it was just a couple of hours of one day!!!  Not a daily event!  Though I must admit..the thought of HOW MANY calories I consumed tonight is frightening!!! 

So back on track tomorrow...Hair back up and Attitude adjusted!!!  Back to work!!!  Back to the Business of Defluffing...With a positive attitude and the  knowledge that I am on a mission!!!  A mission that is leading me down a healthy, happy path! 

So here is to an overly sweaty Saturday...a continuation of this Journey and a "cheat" used and enjoyed!

To my friend Donna....We still got it!!!  Not too bad for a couple of old broads!!!



  1. Hey, ya gotta let cha hair down Sista from time to time. Lifes too short. I'm headed out this Thursday for 5 days with 3 of my BFF's for NY city. We will be lettin' our hair down. On that you can depend. Love ya & here's to a good & sweaty workout! Barb

  2. It was an absolute BLAST to just go for it! This morning I didn't think there was enough Advil to help me but there was and I actually managed to swim 500. Ready for a nap now. ����������