Saturday, September 28, 2013

Resting, Trusting, Healing and Hoping

Hello there...I truly almost forgot to post tonight...It has been a bit  of lazy day...trying my best to just BE...Not stress...or worry...practicing trusting this Journey as it  is...

I have given myself some time off from much physical activity...I just have not felt physically strong for the last couple of weeks...But...I miss my workouts and know that they relieve stress...give me confidence and strengthen my body and my will!! 

My friend Brigette reminded me today...that sometimes we just need a break.  I went from very limited physical activity to working out 4 to 5 days a week for an entire year...with limited rest time.

So...I am resting, trusting, healing and hoping that this is the best next move for me...until the next best move comes along!

For today...I am just breathing...praying and looking forward to the future of this Journey.

I saw this quote on the back of the Atascocita High School Band t-shirt...I will leave you with this:

"Quality begins on the inside and works its way out"

I am hoping that the quality I am working on building inside my life...truly reaches the surface and makes its way into the world! 

Goodnight....Sweet Dreams and may your Sunday be fully blessed!

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