Friday, September 13, 2013

This House is Clean!

So I had one REALLY long workout today...or at least is what it feels like...I CLEANED....I mean  REALLY cleaned mine and  Mom's apartment. 

I am not quite sure HOW...but it took me  the ENTIRE day and part of the evening to finish...But to quote Poltergeist...

THIS HOUSE IS CLEAR or Clean in this case!!!!!!!

AND  This FLUFFY is Tired!!!  LAWDY...LAWDY...I am whipped! 

It feels good to  get this accomplished today...AND I wanted my Mom to have a spic and  span house for her 70th birthday on Sunday!!!  No stress...just fun!!!

We do still have one "project room" but...that will be next weekend! 

I am looking forward to having some fun with my young Mama this weekend! 

She has chosen the "no party" route...but I got a few things up my sleeve!!! 

For tonight though..this girl is taking a shower and hitting the hay! 

Hey...just as a little positive note...Last year at this time...I would  not have been ABLE  to  clean my house at ALL..Another miracle!

Oh...and congrats to the NEW BOSTON LIONS...for kicking some  Pirate "booty" this evening...and thanks to my JuJu for making laugh WHILE I clean!!!  Big LOVE!!

Goodnight Peeps!

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  1. YEA!!!!!! very good b/d present.... A.C.