Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Unplanned Reunion

It feels like old times. ..but not in a good way!

I am having an unplanned reunion with my old sick self!  And I am so not happy about it!

I have, over the past 13 months, generally and miraculously been able to overcome the health issues that I have faced for feel more alive and healthier than I can remember feeling in forever!

I like the new healthier, happier me...she is way more fun!
So...feeling like I have for the past 3 days...scares the hell out of me!

I am not feeling like much of an overcomer today....I feel sick and whipped!
So...I am writing about it usual! Hoping that admitting that I am freaked out a bit will help to alleviate the fear...put it into perspective..

As I write...I know that 3 days does not a pattern make....but I am frightened at the prospect!

So...I am turning this over to God...right here...right now...I have been blessed so immensely over the past year and those blessings do not expire!

God does not give us more than we can bear. He provides the strength I need to see me through...over....under...around...any obstacle I may face.

So...I need your prayers!  Thank u all for your support and for holding me accountable to this path that I am on!


  1. So sorry you are sick...?sinus problems? As you talked about perspective in this blog, know that the "sinus" thing is definitely going around. As soon as school starts, the germs hit the public. I know your Mama will make you some chicken soup, drink plenty of fluids (mmm,water)....your new "healthier condition" will make you bounce back sooner. A.C.

  2. You've got it!! Prayers coming!!!!