Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slow My Roll and Get Some Sleep

I was unceremoniously re-introduced  to the Concept II Rower this evening!  Part of my "new" workout program is to do 3 sets of fast paced rowing then followed by additional cardio...

Please know that after tonight...I again, have found a new piece of equipment to demonize!!! O.M.G..

When I do something new that completely kicks my butt...I find myself  feeling a bit overwhelmed and tonight...feeling a little defeated.  I am not sure why...I completed the workout...but I  was just absolutely exhausted! My legs felt like jelly afterwards...So...I finished what I could of the workout...which was a total workout of about 45 minutes. 

BEFORE my workout though..I met my new 5th and 6th grade volleyball team!  I am coaching again...Without my Emily...but I am still looking forward to coaching!  My girls are really quite young and only 2 of them have ever played organized volleyball before....So we will all have lots of learning opportunities.

I know that I will be blessed by the experience...I am already...the fact that I again...get to be actively  involved in my community AND play a little volleyball!! Can't be anything but a blessing! 

So despite my tough workout...despite feeling a little whipped by the Concept II...I know that today is  one step further along in this Journey and I will learn from it! 

I am really tired tonight and I need to stop this crazy brain of mine...Slow my Roll and get some sleep!

Tomorrow is another day in this brand new Year 2!  I can only imagine what blessings lie ahead!

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

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