Thursday, September 19, 2013


After feeling really lousy for the past 4 days...I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have been so much healthier over the past year... that feeling sick...especially the pain of a migraine for consecutive suffocating for me! So I panicked! I am afraid of getting stuck!
I get into overreaction....anxiety...etc...and that just feeds the panic...and I naturally want to school slip into bad habits!

Funny though...those bad habits make me feel worse.. physically and emotionally!

So I really have tried to stay focused on my recent healthy experience. ..breathe and trust that this too shall pass...of course...I am surrounded by some great support!
A special thanks to Brigette and Kerri for the sweet words of wisdom...for the needed dose of reality...that, in reality, I am not traveling backwards but am in fact, still on the same Journey!  MOVING FORWARD!
You both have an uncanny way of saying things I a way that still impacts me...opens my heart and my mind!  Plus you both make me smile! Even when I feel crappy!
So I am working on just "being"...not stressing, panicking...etc!

I am going to ease back in to my routine and trust that my body will give me the thumbs up when it is time to bust a move!
Good news...I am not stuck...It is MY choice to stay out of the "stuckness"!

In the words of my sweet friend Brig..."Go With is part of the healing process!  Drink plenty of water....get some rest and brush your teeth!"

And in the words of my also very sweet friend Kerri,
"Deep breaths. Get your sleep and know tomorrow is a fresh lovely day. The tide can change at any second .... Keep riding the wave!"

So I am...breathing...resting....riding the wave... with freshly brushed teeth!

To borrow some of Kerri's words...

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