Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Very Special Day

Hi...Today is a very special day in my world.  SEVENTY Years ago today,  a very special woman was born!
During that time she has been a daughter, sister, wife, niece, cousin, friend, co-worker...she is brave, funny, courageous, tough, loving, and did I mention. ..hilarious!

However of all of those roles she has performed so well...her best the big job of being my Mother!

An unenviable task at times! But she is a champ! If they held a Mom Olympics every 4 years...she would be an 11 time Gold Medalist!

She is both a Mom AND a friend...Bottom line...she is one Bad Ass Mama Jama!

SO ..I wanted her to have a fantastic birthday weekend!  We had a weekend full of some of her favorite things!  Good gifts...time with friends...more good food, church and lots of laughs!
I am blessed by all of her amazing gifts and am so clear that I could not have asked for a better human being to guide me through life!

Her Faith, Strength, and unconditional love ...have given me the strength I need daily to be an Overcomer...She is the original!

Over the years she has been a Mom to so many of my friends...she loves, listens, laughs...consoles, calms, and advises!
I had the cool Mom...still do!

So happy 70th Tone Tone! You Rock!

To ALL of you who sent her special birthday messages. ..thank you for making her day great!

Here is a little photo collage of her 70th birthday!

I love you Mom!

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  1. Hi, Toni: Hope you had a very special 70th birthday! I love the pictures--you look great. I sure miss seeing you and your great sense of humor. We had some great laughs!
    Love you, Fran Cramton