Friday, September 20, 2013


Success is tied to action. Successful people keep moving and trying. They make mistakes, but they do not quit.

I saw this today on Twitter...the bastion of great wisdom in 140 characters or less...I saw it and it resonated in my mind!  Especially the not quitting part! 

I am back at work today...after 3 days of being down for the count!  Or at least feeling like I was down for the count! 

Since I love a good sports analogy...I thought I would go with that...being ill...I am not talking about a cold or the flu...but long term like a 15 round boxing match...and in my the  heavyweight division! 

Battling a disease requires a lot...a lot of grit...obviously..some illnesses have different consequences than others and long term illness is mostly just exhausting...overwhelming and at times painful! However...  I have, by the Grace of God, been able to develop some decent coping skills over the years!  
So you can imagine that the relief that I have had over the past year...has been like winning the heavyweight championship! 

The key to winning that that relief, is not quitting...well...starting something new and then not quitting!!  

I had started a "diet" many times over the past 20+ years...I am a bit of a big dreamer..that has at times struggled with following through on those dreams!  So...this past year has been a dream come true!  

But that dream has come with hard work, some serious courage, even more support, and perseverance.  I have to regularly let go of fear and hold on to Faith! 

But...for those of that have been following along, you know better than anyone that this Journey has not been mistake free . Fear free...struggle free...etc! But it has been action packed.  

I have to stay in action.   Stay Active!  Inaction leads to quitting for me.   And quitting is NOT an option.


I may be in a funk today...but I will move forward! 

My friend Lindsey reminded me today that this is an "honest blog".  She mentioned that I had not been posting my weigh ins...I told her that I gained weight in August and had not 3 weeks!

So...I will post my weight tomorrow.  Honestly!

Before I Volleyball team...the mighty Spikers...won their 1st game tonight! Out of my 10 girls...only 2 have ever played before! So this was a BIG deal! Very proud of my Overcomers!

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