Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Good Recipe For Lemonade

So...the flu seems to be nearing the fever in 36 hours...Holla!

Still feeling really tired and am having some migraine struggles.

But...quite glad this whole flu b.s. is over!

I must confess...I have spent most of this day praying my way through what I refer to as "impending doom"...

I really don't like to talk about this particular feeling it profoundly difficult to explain and sounds a little crazy!  I can share with you that it is a combination of worry, fear, distrust and overwhelm and I think it might just be genetic...LOL!

I at times, can identify the root of the doom...other times...not so much.

I think that it has just been a rough week......sickness, sadness, missing so much work at year-end and a complete stall out in my efforts to meet my goal.

So the challenge this seek more gratitude and a lot less AGAIN practice doing whatever it takes to turn my circumstances. ..the whatevers and the what-ifs over to the care and handling of my Saviour and do that with real honest conviction.

Because I write here every single can feel like a micro-analysis of every moment of my can feel awkward...exposing....whiny...embarrasing...BUT...
IT helps keep my own feelings in get "it" out there...and not leave it to fester in my mind and damage my spirit! is not for everyone. write or READ this every single day...and for those of you that do...let me be the first to say...God Bless You...AND I am sorry!!  :)

So...I am having a tough day...I have prayed for wisdom...for strength...for courage...I even prayed to be one of those beautiful, lovely optimists that make one helluva fine glass of lemonade out of those "lemons" life can deal out...

Truthfully...I at times, don't even wait for life to give me lemons...I grow my own freakin lemons...I even worry in my own personal lemon tree in my thus impending doom!

They say confession is good for the soul.....I do hope so...either that or it is good for a one way ticket to crazy town! Complete with lemon trees! I write this...I know that this is one of those times I need keeping this rough patch in remembering the triumphs... 

Please keep this Journey and the purpose I am to fill in your prayers!

Oh...and to all of you beautiful optimists in my life...I need a good recipe for Lemonade!


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  1. I'll be praying for you Jamie