Friday, December 6, 2013

Comfort Food and Christmas Movies

Happy Friday...For all of you out there battling this flu crap...can somebody please tell me when IT ENDS!

Still running a fever and quite unfortunately am attempting to drown my germs in comfort food and an endless stream of Hallmark and Lifetime Channel Christmas movies. 

I have not been outside since Tuesday and the apartment is still decorated for Thanksgiving with an array of takeout food containers!

But you know...there is no crying in weight loss...actually...that is a load of crap...there is a butt load of crying in weight loss....both happy and sad...after all...they do call it weight LOSS!

AHHH...but the reward for turning in my lifetime membership to the Fluffy Girls of America club (FGA) will be worth every drop of sweat and every tear shed.

It is not easy though...kinda like checking out of the Hotel California.

So as soon as I shake this bug...I will do my best to enjoy the rest of the holidays...continue to move this body and daily take steps towards joining the "I lost 120 freakin' pounds Club"

For today...I am still FLU-ffy...but tomorrow is a new day! 

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