Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Places to Go...People to Love

Hi!! We are inching closer and closer to Christmas and I am completely unprepared....at least so far!

Tonight...I am just fried...very ready to have some down time and get some sleep!

Emily and I studied for her Religion final  tonight...gratefully, she studied for Math on her own...I am feeling fairly confident that I could NOT pass her Math final! 

Truthfully. ..I am just really tired and really praying that this miraculous journey continues onward and upward!

Tonight is one of those nights that I just need to shut it down...no making decisions...no pondering what the next right step is or how I am going to proceed.....just be still...rest...trust...breathe and know that God's plan is in full swing...despite my current food battles! 

My Aunt Charlotte sent the below!  I like it!

So good night my friends...Trust the Plan and Believe in the direction you are traveling!  Enjoy the Journey!  We've got Places to go...People to Love!

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