Monday, December 2, 2013

The Fluffy Girl and The Flu

Yep...that's right...THE FLU...I have the freaking FLU!

I am pretty sure I just heard a collective ughhhh...from the 50+ family members I have seen over the last 4 days!

Needless to say...I am SO SORRY!

Mom and I tried to make the 6 hour drive home...but no go...the primary highway was completely closed more than 2.5 hours from home and I kept getting worse. It took us 1hour to go 5 we are in a hotel in Nacogdoches...high fever...high whining.

To my JuJu...thanks for letting us stay an extra day...I too..Love You to The Moon and Back Again!

Goodnight friends!

1 comment:

  1. Flu?! Oh no!!
    I'm wondering if that is what I'm battling over here... Even though I did get a flu shot? Hmmm... I'm convinced this is no common cold though... ;)
    I hope you get BETTER SOON, and I hope you enjoy a little stay in Nac. I have an aunt, uncle, and some cousins there, and I admit that I do have a pine tree affinity - love the landscape when I visit! Maybe because San Antonio's trees are kind of the opposite! :)
    I'm glad you didn't try to drive even more, and I hope despite the flu - you are enjoying the rest!! Maybe watching some fun movies or something?!?
    Hang in there! Today was my first day feeling a bit more normal, and I hope you are too!