Friday, December 27, 2013

Ready to Roll

So today was a rollercoaster of a day.  I began with an early day at work...

At 11:00 AM, Randa's Memorial Service began.  It was very touching.  There were tears and laughter as the minister relayed stories told to him by those that new her best.

After the service, we all gathered at one of Randa's close friend's home...where we continued the celebration of her life!  More tears...more laughter...more rollercoaster. ..

As the afternoon was time for Mom, Emily and I to head to San Antonio for a weekend getaway...a Christmas gift from me to them.  As I drove, they rested.  It gave me time to absorb the events of the day.

Again, I thought about how often I think of Life as a rollercoaster ride. ..the ups/downs....moving at a snail's pace....then abruptly followed by a burst of almost out of control kind of speed.

Today was a perfect example of that for me...a tough, painful moment...followed by a slow upward tick...then the burst of speed...from sadness to laughter...from sorrow to joy.

So the joy has come here in San Antonio....I am with my girls...we have laughed, looked at beautifully lit trees along the River Walk, we get to spend precious time together on the same day we said goodbye to a loved one.

Life is strange and completely beautiful.  Truthfully,  I fear the rollercoaster at times...but I do not want to get off....I want to experience all of Life as God has planned! Until the ride stops...and it is time to go Home!

For now....I am belt buckled. ..and ready to roll. 

Sweet dreams my friends!


  1. I love that San Antonio is the backdrop to the blessing!!! Wish I were there & could say hi for a minute. :) I love the roller coaster analogy, & I'm glad you are hanging on.
    By the way, doing some planning (& praying) about my 2014, and I know I've got to squash some bad eating habits I picked up since Thanksgiving-- ugh - ! Know you mentioned starting a cleanse... Any recommendations.. What's worked for me in past was to cut out sweets (my downfall @ times) and to only have one on Saturday, & the rest of my choices fell in line. Any recipe or good planning tips you can share?? Still using my last few days to pray & plan for a good start to 2014!
    Karen!! (Oh and hugs!)

    1. Hi sorry it has taken me so long to reply...I am behind!! I do the Standard Process cleanse (Kerri recommended last year). It is a 28 day cleanse and really not bad. However, my Mom has committed to eat cleanly for 30 days...starting mid month. She will be cutting out refined sugar...unhealthy carbs and adding more veggies and fruit to her diet. She LOVES her this is a big deal for her. I am easing into the cleanse...cutting back on ALL of the unhealthy choices I made during the Holidays...increase my veggies and lean proteins and "wean" myself off of the sugar, carbs stuff. The cleanse is strictly fruit, veggies, shakes and some lean proteins. Let me know if you want more info. Email me