Sunday, December 22, 2013

No Time Like The Present

Hello to all...a very late Sunday post!  Trying to put together some last minute Christmas spirit.

Last night...I finally finished my shopping...spent some time with my Mama...and with my friend Donna...she and I even got in a little shopping.  I am glad she wanted to go with me for a little shopping.

Despite the heavy heart, I do want to keep Christmas and keep it close in my heart. 

Mom and I started our day in church...I got to sing Christmas music. ...always makes me happy. Spirit filling and Life Affirming.

That is what my hope is...for those feeling empty from the loss of a loved one can feel the true love and spirit of Christmas and that can bring some Life Affirming moments...moments that soothe their broken hearts at least for a while.

So...I am choosing to actively seek Joy even among the sadness.

I want to surround myself with people I love...I want to hug them...tell them I love them...laugh with them...look at Christmas lights and thank God for my time with them...every moment!

As much as I love presents...and I do...both giving and receiving. goal this Christmas is to BE Present! 

I want to be Present in the Blessings God has given me...Present in my own life and Present in the lives of those I love...

After all...There is No Time Like The Present.

I wanted to share a little Christmas cheer from our home!

Joy to The World!

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