Thursday, December 19, 2013


Another late night...I am out Jingling My! 

Had our company Christmas party today and came face to face with the Calorically Evil Maggianos Italian food...but DAMN...IT WAS GOOD!  I tried a little portion control...but enjoyed myself.

I soooooo continue to struggle with food BUT still so clear that I am meant to take this Journey...keep on rolling...gather no moss or fluff!

I had the opportunity to tell my "story" tonight to a total stranger...our server at dinner! I had ordered a lighter version of a menu item and she mentioned that she lost 70lbs in 1year...Triumph!
Of course...I had to share with her the whole least a semi-Reader's Digest version. ..about how I was inspired by the amazing team of  Kerri Walsh and Misty I decided to document every single day of this journey in a blog...pester Kerri and Misty on Twitter in hopes they would check out the blog...have that blog as a form of accountability. ..

I got to share with her how my life has been changed...I got to tell her about the beyond amazing Kerri Walsh Jennings!  I got to share the hope of this Journey....

But something else happened for me...I was reminded that I very clearly need to continue being accountable to those that have supported this Journey. those that have taken a risk on me...that believe in me and believe I have what it takes to reach my goal! 

As I recounted the story...I was reminded that before I started this Journey....I was in a pit of sick and so sick of being sick.  As I told this story, I was able to see where I have come from...see the progress...see the Hope!

I needed that...I have been feeling stuck...and am afraid of staying stuck in this bit of a slump.  After tonight...getting to do what I about the blessings...share it with a fellow defluffer...share just a tiny morsel of the ways God has blessed me...I realized


AND...I need to reaffirm my goals...share them...own them...and challenge myself to realize them.

Accountability and Responsibility have been and will continue to be, key elements to my success. 

Quite frankly...this is not a one "girl" job.  I am not the lone wolf type...I need a village. ..complete with those that know me best...have seen me at my worst and cheered me at my best...those that I meet in passing...those that stop and stay a while and those they take up permanent residence in my heart!  I need the encouragers, the task masters, the huggers and the ball busters...I need those that think I can and even need those that think I won't! 

I need the inspiration! 

God saw fit not only to present an opportunity for me to be inspired...but the even more amazing opportunity to have that inspiration as a part of my life AND He has opened my eyes to ALL the inspiration that surrounds me...

I cannot give up...and I truly mean that. ..I CAN NOT GIVE UP...I DON'T WANT TO!

That my a miracle!


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