Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Hope

Happy Saturday! 

It has been a busy day...and the 30 Day Planking Challenge has begun!!! 

Day One Done!!!

Tonight we got to share some Christmas cheer with family...which was much needed and quite enjoyable!  Tonight we attended a Christmas concert at our cousins "the Andersons" church in Baytown and are hanging at the fab home for the rest of the weekend!

Have I mentioned that I love my family...well I DO! we were enjoying the beautiful Christmas Waco, TX...the New Boston Lions were making history by being the 1st team from their school history to play in a State Semi-final football game!

So....during church...I was keeping up with the game via text!  My cousin Julie kept me in the loop!  I can multi-task!!!

The Lions lost tonight...But I am so proud of my Wes and Wil Teague...proud that they were a part of a team that Overcame the loss of a rise above and make history with him in their hearts....#6!

We learn from our losses AND our victories...this is true throughout life! We just have to be willing to be open...both our hearts and our minds!

So the primary theme of the Christmas program we attended tonight was HOPE!

The hope that the birth of Christ brought to this world. 

I need hope! It sustains this Journey!

I have people in my life that are need of hope as they struggle with loss and illness.

Even in our darkest moments...Hope is there.   At times it may feel buried in grief or sadness...but it is there.

For my friends who are facing overwhelming prayer for you is for Hope...the hope that comes from knowing that despite the darkness...the Light of the World is with you.

I saw, felt and heard Hope tonight...It was wonderful!

Here are a few pics!

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