Friday, December 13, 2013

Just a Matter of a Few Extra Minutes...That's All

Happy Friday! 

I hope you are all surviving the flu season...we are at epidemic levels at my office...3 of us have already had it and 2 more went down this week!  TAKE COVER...:)

I have decided to just share a few fun, light things....possibly completely unrelated to anything.  Some days I just need to be goofy!  Just to survive! you no particular order...

For my cousin Julie:  HI!!!!

I think this is perfectly appropriate for the frequency of my posts:  LOL!!!

This below is so very true for me!

My Body has at least 60 EXTRA minutes!  Just a few extra minutes...That's ALL!!! :0

I found this next pic on Instragram...I truly say this just about everyday!!!  I thought I invented this!!! DAMN!!!!
I could use one these tonight!  Except I prefer mine with Dos XX!  FATTENING BTW!!!
IF I ever get a tattoo...this would be it! Everlasting Faith!!!


I want one of these...The Fitbit Flex...not only does it track steps, distance, and calories burned...It also tracks sleep quality!!!  Pretty cool!!!

So many of you know that probably one of my biggest struggles is overcoming my own negative voice.  I truly believe that not only is this Journey about losing weight and getting physically healthy..but very much also of strengthening my confidence and learning to love myself a little better!!  So...I really liked this next thought!

So before I go...a bit of a serious moment.  Please, if you will, keep those that are struggling with loss, illness, and challenges of all sorts in your hearts and prayers. 
Please keep this Journey in your prayers as I try to fulfill the promise I have made to the person God wants me to be!




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