Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Plankin' and Shakin'


The Christmas Rush is in full swing! Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping!!!
Tomorrow is our company Christmas party at Maggianos...where even the salads are fattening! Great food...un-BELIEVE-bly high in all things least bad for a fluffy girl on a mission! 

But as I have previously confessed....I am not exactly blazing a weight loss trail these days... More like just trying to survive the holidays! started at 7:00 am and at 1:30 AM, I was on the floor of my bedroom...planking!!! was Day 5 of the 30 day Planking Challenge!!  Just know that when I entire body I was trying to hold a 200+ lb person up off the ground...Awww...Hell....that is exactly what I am doing!! Who we kidding! No wonder I shake...Planking bites!

Ok...I must sleep...keep this old fluffy girl in your prayers please as I tackle more challenges tomorrow and face off against calorically evil Italian food! 

I must keep moving forward! 


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  1. mmmmm....please say "hello" to the chicken picata tonight at Miggianos...sorry if I didn't spell that right! Have fun! A.C.