Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking for Some "Selfspiration"

Hello and I hope your post Christmas day was splendid.

I was back at work today....feeling a little more than sluggish and trying to get the visions of Sugar Plums out of my head...

In the next few days...I am going to recap this amazing year...highlight some of the great blessings I have received and I will be looking for inspiration within my own Journey. ..I guess you could say a little "Selfspiration"

OK...SO...I am completely off track...a slight derailment off my intended my goal is to spend just a short time reviewing where I far I have come...and I will detail where I hope to go!

I have gained some weight and am not feeling my best...two things I need to change. But instead of putting myself down....I will be in pursuit of ways to lift myself UP and Forge On!

Of course...I will still need the Village. 

So...I will begin the cleanse in January. ..resume my fitness schedule and I am committing to completing 2 mini-goals per month.

So Please stay tuned!

For tonight, I am asking for prayers for my friends as they say goodbye to their sweet niece, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter and Mother. Tomorrow is Randa's Memorial Service and all of your prayers are appreciated.  

Goodnight my friends...hug somebody...tell someone you love at a stranger...God's love grows each time we share it!

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