Monday, December 30, 2013

Beyond Skin Deep

Well...the end of 2013 is nearing an end!  What an absolutely wild ride it has been. 

So many milestones to be thankful many blessings to relish. 

I have run the gamut of emotions...walked a whole lotta miles...climbed a few hills...lifted a few weights...played a little volleyball...lost some weight...gained some weight... gained some precious new friends...grown closer to the Angels in my life...and lost some as well. 

If I stop to really take inventory of everything that has happened to this Fluffy Girl in the past 12 months. ..I think my head would explode from sheer amazement and my heart would burst with gratitude.

As I recount the highlights of my Journey over the last year...I must first acknowledge that I have taken several steps off the path I have been on for the last 16+ months.  I have not stayed on the straight and narrow....BUT...I think I have learned a valuable lesson (or two) this holiday season.

It is my natural tendency to overeat or eat poorly. Truthfully. ..I am most comfortable in that skin.  But the other truth...the more significant truth for that in the short time I have slipped back into some old habits...I feel terrible and I have been consistently ill with the flu or a cold since Thanksgiving.

Not to mention that mentally and emotionally...I am not as clear or strong. 

Yes...I am comfortable all snuggled up with my fluffy self...but it really is only skin deep...only surface comfort.  If I tell the truth...and God knows I try...below the surface...beyond the fluff...I get uncomfortable really quickly.
There is physical pain as well as lovely emotions like guilt, shame and regret. 

BUT....There is Good News...before this Journey started....I had no accountability. frame of reference. idea I could climb a big rock or hike a long trail.  I did not know I could climb a big ass sand dune with Inspiration holding my hand.

I did not know that I could feel like a different human...change the trajectory of my own life by truly trusting God's plan.  I did not know then that I had EVERYTHING I needed tucked neatly underneath this Fluffy surface of mine...

I did NOT KNOW THAT 16 months ago...BUT I DO NOW! I reflect on 2013...I will build on the lessons I have learned...the gifts I have received and the Love I have been shown.

I will grow my confidence,  practice living out my mind and body to fully believe that I deserve a healthy life.  I will continue to practice telling my truth...even when it sucks! 

I want this year to be a continuation of a Journey that goes well beyond Skin Deep!
Here are a few 2013 Highlights:

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