Saturday, December 7, 2013

Making the Best of the Rest

Hello there...hope all of you are staying warm and cozy!! For my warm climate is COLD here...really cold!!

I still have not been outside since Tuesday....I am feeling a little like some kind of recluse!

Still recuprating...watching tons of football! 

Speaking of football...the New Boston, TX Football Lions...pummeled arch rival Daingerfield 41-14 to advance to the state semis!! 

My cousins Wes and Wil Teague had great games and it was Wil's turn to have a defensive touchdown this week! The Teague Men RULE!!

So proud of them both!! 

So...I continue to recuperate from this marathon flu!

Trying not to stress...worry...or wallow...Trying to focus on One Day At A Time...Remember to find the Joy in this Day...Make the Best of the chance to Rest!

Please keep my friend Donna's niece Randa in your prayers.  She continues to battle cancer and is now in hospice care. 

Please keep her, her young son and her entire support system in your prayers.

Thank you!


  1. I'm sorry you are still battling through this yucky FLU!! I'm still not great, and I'm convinced we got the same thing at the same time!! Hang in there, sweet friend!!
    I've been watching Christmas movies also, and I never thought I could get TOO much Christmas movies, but it MIGHT be possible! ;)
    Toasting lots of clear liquids to you from SA,TX!

    1. Sorry you are still not 100%! I am a great lover of Christmas...and am thinking that it MAY be possible to be on Christmas movie overload! Returning to work tomorrow...hoping for the best! Hugs to you! Jlp