Friday, December 20, 2013

Peace and Good Will Toward Men

It is FRIDAY!!!  The weekend before Christmas.  Still so much to do..but should all be fun!!!  Just a couple of weeks away from a new year...and a cleanse...I am ready!!!

Today is Day 7 of the 30 Day Plankapaloozo!  Yesterday was a day off and today...we have to plank for 40 Seconds...translation...too damn long!! LOL!!!

My workout schedule has been wacky...between my body recovering from the germs to my crazy schedule...has been inconsistent at best!  Going to try my best this weekend to get back into some kind of routine!  And of course...I will be planking daily!!! 

So...I have a few Friday Funnies for you....

OK...for whatever reason...I think the above "mouse stirring" is absolutely hilarious...I just love it!!! 

Also...very cute!!!! 
As I enter this last weekend before Christmas...I am aware of everything this time of year represents...I am aware how blessed I am that I get to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and the overwhelming Love that single event represents.  Every year, I vow to keep Christmas in my heart all year long.  I will again strive for that...

Be the Blessing...

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  1. These cartoons gave me even MORE Christmas cheer!!!!!!!
    A-plankin we will go....ugh...I fizzled out at 35 seconds this morn. Hoping for a better effort tomorrow....A.C.