Monday, December 9, 2013

Sustenance in an Altered World

My college friend Marian posted this on her Facebook page today...and though I have made a vow to be positive on Mondays...this was just too cute not to share!  A Case of the Mondays!!! was actually nice to be back among the living today!  I am not a good sick person...despite my years of experience.  I have found over the past week that it pretty much takes a bad case of the knock me out...that...or one of my lethal migraines.  Other than that...the "new" improved me...likes to keep moving!

I originally had planned for this post to be a series of funny moments...quotes...Internet stuff that I came across on Pinterest and other places...However, admittedly, I am sad. 

Today has been a tough day for loss and bad news.  As you all know, my dear friend Donna's niece Randa continues to battle cancer and is in hospice care.  She is fighting through pain and I just continue to pray for her comfort and Peace. 

Given that I have been gone from work for 5 days...I had an enormous amount of "catching" up to do...including scads of emails.  As I was skimming through my emails this morning...trying to discern order of importance...I saw a subject line that caught my attention.  It was from a former co-worker and friend and the subject line read: Health Issue...for some reason my heart stopped...I just knew it was not good news.  He was letting several of us know that he has an inoperable brain tumor and that he would be undergoing treatment.  My heart sank and at the same time..I thought you know...If he can be brave then I can help support his bravery!!  So I sent him a message and let him know that I truly believe that Through Christ...ALL things are Possible and that he too, is an Overcomer! 

So as that information was sinking in...I read a post on FB that says one of my all-time favorite softball coaches passed away last night in a car accident.  I have talked at length in this blog about the impact of my teachers and coaches growing up...How they helped establish a foundation in my life that I still benefit from today!  This Coach...always took a positive approach...always encouraged and truly wanted us to be better and give our best effort.  In addition to his impact on my life on the softball field... off the field, he was an excellent example of kindness and of great faithfulness (along with his Wife.)  Both have a very special place in my heart. 

So as I began to write this post tonight...I realized that I wanted to acknowledge this grief and the fact that my heart breaks for my friends who are battling illness and grieving the loss of someone very special.  And though I know that it is never easy to deal with loss or illness..there is something all the more sad about experiencing that during the Christmas Season. 

But...I do think it is the Christmas marks a very special, important and powerful event...It is the ultimate season of Hope and though it may be difficult to celebrate or enjoy all that comes with Christmas...For me...It is a profound reminder of what is being celebrated during this time...the Birth of Jesus Christ...The BIRTH of Hope and an amazingly impactful Act of Love.  The Birth of a Savior..and though I struggle with the strength of my faith through life's daily trials and tribulations...I am so VERY aware that even in those weak moments...I am clear that this Birth...this placement of God's own Son on this the very reason the word Faith exists. 

For me...this is the very reason I even have the ability to manage the sadness and the grief.  So as I, in pale comparison, navigate through a challenging time...I pray that my friends have that Hope and Peace that this Birth represents...I pray that the Spirit of Christmas will help them navigate through these obstacles and I hope that each and everyone of us feels the immeasurable Power of the Miracle.

I saw this today and just felt very touched by the words...spoken by another Overcomer.  It reminded me that we all need Sustenance in an Altered World..for me...I have that through Christ.



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