Monday, December 16, 2013

Lazy Eating...Lousy Feelings

Happy Monday!  Yes...I am still practicing my Happy Mondattitude!!

Today consisted of work, shopping, studying for End of Quarter Finals with the Divine Ms. Em, light work out, grocery shopping, planking and blogging!! Whew!!!

So here's how I see this rate, by the end of the holidays...I will be smarter AND have six pack abs!!!  OK...maybe not!

But I am enjoying my time with Emily...and I am enjoying polishing up on my 5 stages of Mitosis



OK...seriously though...I must pull the curtain and confess...I probably am having my biggest struggles with food that I have had since the beginning!  Just lazy eating...not taking the time and energy it takes for me to eat healthy!

It must stop.  I am actually looking forward to starting a 28 day cleanse in January!  Last year, I was soooo worried about it...this year...I am like...BRING IT!

SO...I started my workouts again today...1st time since the flu ( other than starting the 30 day PlankFest).

I wanted to give my haggered immune system the chance to fully recover!

So...I cannot continue this downward food genuinely makes me feel lousy on several levels. 

Lazy eating leads to lousy feelings!

So, please keep me and my sudden lack of willpower in your prayers!  

Fluffy has gone wild and needs to reel it in!

For tonight I must sleep and remember that tomorrow offers a fresh start!



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