Saturday, December 28, 2013

Angels Watching Over Me

Happy Saturday...We have had a busy, busy day here in San Antonio....

We "remembered" the Alamo....We believed it ( or not) at Ripley's Museum of Oddities...we filled our guts with tacos and tamales and we shopped til we dropped.

I am only hoping that the miles of walking somehow offset the grease and cheese.

Today I received lovely bits of inspiration from 2 special people in my life...

One from my friend Brig in the form of a Facebook post seen below.

The other came from my friend Kerri in a Twitter post.  She shared a quote from Inspirational:

"You were strong enough to get this far.  You are strong enough to keep going"...Then she simply wrote: YOU!!!!

So Precious...both of you!! THANK YOU!!!

As I sat dinner tonight with my giris at the festive Mi Tierra...I noticed this angel...literally hanging over my head! 

I loved the symbolism...Angels are ALWAYS watching over me...Thank God!

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