Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ambassadors of Umph

In the last few days or so...I have raced up and down my old friend the Emotional Rollercoaster. 

I am daily finding myself outside my comfort zone...stretching beyond those comfortable limits that feel safe or at the very minimum, familiar.

I feel a strong responsibility to make this charity event as successful as possible, to work hard everyday to lose this stubborn weight, to do my job well, to be a good friend/family member and to faithfully follow where this Journey (God's Path) leads.

Some days though....not so much! :)

Some days feel like a week!

Some days I feel a little weak!

And just when I think I am going to fall flat on my arse...I get a boost...a little extra umph!

In the last couple of days, I have received some amazing support.  It has come in the form of a joke, a laugh, a dinner conversation with an old friend, some much needed help on the event, a sweet text message from a certain 13 year old who snuck her phone to camp, AND the sweet gifts pictured below from 2 wonderful friends who both, in their own special way, have been Rock Stars on this Journey of mine.

Tonight, I spent an hour or so talking to a lifelong friend who lost her husband to Cancer a little over 6 months ago. Her strength and vulnerability...her resolve and her courage...all reminded me that inspiration, hope and the power of God's love can overcome any circumstance...any stress or sorrow.

God's Love is automatic Umph!

Thank you to those that take the time, energy and effort to be Ambassadors of Umph for me along this Journey!  Invaluable!

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