Monday, July 21, 2014

Feeling Fortunate I leave for California in 2 brain is in overdrive!!

I could not be busier at work....we are in super high gear with planning the event and I am of course, thrilled that I will have the opportunity to see Kerri and her precious family!

Oh...and to make it more fun...Emily, Donna and Bill will get to meet Kerri as well!

No problem locating any Umph if I could sleep...that would be good!!!

You might say...I am a wound rather tightly! 

It could also be said that I need to slow down, breathe,  and proceed with some caution! :)

Tonight...I am attempting to shut down this hyperactive,  hypervigilant brain of mine...say a prayer...keep things in perspective and remember how utterly unbelievable this Journey is and how Blessed I am to be traveling this road!

Having said marvelous friend Brigette shared some of my favorite kind of wisdom with me tonight...


See the below pic...both of these statements are profoundly true...Deep Faith does in fact, eliminate fear (and worry) and dessert absolutely makes me pretty freakin HAPPY! 

But since I am shying away from the kind of happiness dessert provides...I will rely on the kind of Strength Faith provides!!

Tonight I am feeling "Fortunate"

Here's to a good night's sleep! 


  1. That you said slow down, deep breaths and enjoy the moment!!!!! love ya, A.C.