Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rebuilders of Walls and Restorer of Streets

So as I continue challenging myself to find the good in each day...the hope, the get-up-and-go...the UMPH...I want to share this with you today!!!

Cy-Hope, one of the charities supported by our Play It Forward-Rally to Serve Event, sent out this email blast.  Below are just a few of the achievements the organization has accomplished in the recent past.

  • Partnered with Kenny Thompson, "the Lunch Angel", to administer the Cy-Fair ISD's Lunch Super Hero Account.


  • Kicked off our first, annual giving campaign asking people to Pitch-In for kids in Cy-Fair.


  • Received the Stoller Grant to cover part of Camp Lemonade.


  • Awarded 1,270 dual credit and certification scholarships to-date.


  • Organized a Music Initiatives Committee to initiate community-based music events as fundraisers for Cy-Hope music programs in Cy-Fair ISD.  


  • Fed over 2,000 hungry children each week in 72 of 85 Cy-Fair ISD schools through our Backpack Program in partnership with the Houston Food Bank.


  • Delivered 62,886 bags of food last year, with 3,821 volunteer hours logged.



  • Delivered 2,500 bags of food to nine summer schools on June 25 with 36 volunteers assisting.


  • Partnered with over 110 volunteers logging over 740 hours at our Hope Centers this quarter.


Additionally, Cy-Hope sponsors Hope Centers...
Hope Centers

  Cy-Hope has created "Hope Centers" in trailer parks and apartment complexes where kids can come for tutoring, life skills classes, Bible study, sports, games, and mentoring. These Hope Centers provide a location to offer English and citizenship classes to adults. Our Hope Centers are located in the Longhorn Trailer Park and Windfern Trails Apartments.
This organization supports kids by giving them opportunities they would not have and in turn, truly gives them a gift that they will have forever!  HOPE!
The above scripture is at the top of the Cy-Hope website...I love it!
Most of us has needed some "rebuilding" in our lifetime...This Journey for me is a rebuilding experience...I have been blessed by all of you as you help me Rebuild my Walls and Restore My Streets...
I hope you will join me in Paying that Forward.
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