Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rejuvenate, Motivate, Elevate

Hello and Happy Saturday....what's left of it!  I have had Umph today...Used my Umph and am now Umph depleted!!! Or just plain ole tired!

As a part of our fundraising efforts for Play It Forward-Rally to Serve, we are having a garage sale NEXT weekend...which makes this weekend...PREP weekend.

Ahhh....nothing like spending a day in a hot garage in mid July in Houston, TX!  Here is the upside...I am thinking that I was able sweat off 8-10lbs...wishful thinking!!!

So 12 days into the Umph Challenge...I am finding that though I certainly am not doing it perfectly, my efforts to find daily inspiration, hope and encouragement are aiding my will power with food as least, it feels that way! 

So the challenge continues and tomorrow the garage sale prep continues...I am going to need all the UMPH I can get!!! 

Tomorrow, as I sweat profusely in the garage...I will remind myself that I am doing this for a cause I really love and I will dream I am in these places instead of a hot, musty garage!!! These are places that inspire, rejuvenate, motivate and elevate this Fluffy Girl!!

The Frio River---LOVE IT
London-LOVE IT

Laguna Beach, CA

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park....
Have a great Sunday...


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