Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guided, Guarded and Galvanized

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason...and I am a believer that some things don't happen for a reason.

It may be the same thing...just semantics!  Not sure...but here is what I know...

I have had an idea or a hope or wish in my head before...a perfect picture of how I think something is going to happen...and then it doesn' just doesn't happen and I am left with the residue of disappointment, sadness...maybe a little anger mixed in...I may even toss a little self doubt in there for good measure.

But almost some point...I am able to see and get know...GET IT...that there was a real bona fide reason that the idea or hope or wish that had once occupied my thoughts did not make it to reality status!

And furthermore, I can grasp the reality that some things  DON'T happen for a reason and that's a good thing!

So as I continue to work at embracing the pace of my personal I truly work to accept that all things DO happen for a reason and that some don't, I am confident that I am guided, guarded and galvanized by God's Love!

Forging On!!!

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