Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scratch and Claw

Day 2 in SoCal has been many ways...I got to see some world class volleyball.

I got to spend a bit of time with Kerri and her family while watching Kerri's husband Casey play...

And then I was privileged to watch Kerri and April scratch and claw their way to a win to advance to the quarterfinals!  Truly amazing to behold! I thought I was going to puke from nervousness!  Lol!

Lastly, I ended the night in Hollywood with Donna, Bill and Emily! Interesting walk down Hollywood Blvd...followed by a lovely meal at  Angelinos in North Hollywood!

As I reflect on the brain is full of the experiences of the day...with one particular thought at the forefront of my mind.

As I approach the end of the 2nd year of this Journey....I know that I must scratch and claw in order to win this battle I am fighting...I must be willing to show the heart I saw in Kerri, April, and the German team they played!

Also, I must continue to reach for my goals with the knowledge that all the glory and blessings of this Journey are through God's Grace. 

It's funny....I watched Kerri play some amazing volleyball today....but much more moving and meaningful is her incredible kindness, heart, and patience in relationship to ALL the people who pull her in more directions than you can imagine!

She seems to have so much much appreciation for the blessings in her life...she is truly inspiring...I am truly blessed!

Today was a total UMPH boost if there ever was one! 

Here are a few pics!

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