Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hearing God's Voice...Heeding His Call

So for those of you that are just tuning in...I am on a 45 day mission to boost my "Umph"...fill up my inspiration tank...gear up for the end of year 2 of this Journey....gear up for Play it Forward-Rally to Serve 2014...and find the fire for Year 3.

As many of you know 14 year old ( I keep making him 15)...cousin Clint was in a serious boating accident and lost his right leg on July 2...

It has been a heart-wrenching experience for Clint and his parents, brother and all of their family and friends! the middle of such a life changing tragedy...Hope, Inspiration, Courage, and incredible displays of God's undying Love abound...

I must admit that I feel a little silly for posting about my little journey in the middle of this time in the life of my family; and I feel a sense of responsibility to share some of the inspirational God moments I have witnessed.

You see...Clint very nearly did not survive this accident.  He did though...largely due to the efforts of his family on the boat and to this man in the picture below.

Dr. John Durst just happened to be passing by when he saw the squad cars along the street...He made the decision to see what was happening....walked into the middle of this difficult situation...quickly applied a tourniquet (his belt) to Clint's in the ambulance....held that tourniquet in place for the duration of the ride to the hospital and as the family was told by medical staff later, saved Clint's life. 

No fate, no coincidence, plain and simple...Divine Inspiration!

How's that for Umph!!

Thank you Dr. John Durst for hearing God's voice and heeding His call.

Please keep our sweet Clint in your prayers...his parents Kyle and Julie and his brother Clay...


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  1. Well said Jaime.
    Love ya..Margaret