Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Found Respect For Courage

It has been some weekend! So many emotions! 

Got to spend some more time with Clint and my family today...He is forging ahead...healing...telling his amazing story...and seems to really get how blessed he is and is so clearly grateful to have survived.

Today...with a room full of people...he quite bravely and eloquently recounted the events of the last 4 days...including the moment leading up to the accident...during and after! He did so acknowledging gratitude for his life...and was damn funny doing so! With UMPH!

He continues to amaze and inspire!

As this night winds down...I am thankful for so much....and I will continue this Journey with a new found respect for Courage...

Today...I took a walk with my friend Donna in a beautiful park...the sounds, smells, green surroundings, and blue sky...again reminded me of God's Grace...

Tonight...I am tired, but hopeful! Here's to tapping into my Umph as I take on the next step in this Journey!

Here are a few pics from the weekend...including Clint with another one of his Guardian Angels...his surgeon. ..Dr. Walters.

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