Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dream BIG!

First Day back in the daily grind is tough! It is crunch time for Play It Forward-Rally to Serve and oh yea....I have this other commitment called a J-O-B! OH and another 50lbs or so to lose...

But...again my UMPH level is elevated and I am shifting gears for the climb that will end with a SUCCESSFUL Year 2!

I have kind of ALWAYS been a dreamer... some might say...an unrealistic one! But every day of this Journey is about living a dream...about being willing to be a bit of a jackass if need be and put myself out there...standing outside my comfort zone.  I spent a good portion of this last weekend standing outside my comfort zone!   It was SO worth it though...I make a good jackass!

So in keeping with the loosely developed theme above...Here is what  I think...

Dream Big! Every Day! Be a Jackass ( in a good way )!

Here is a pic sent by my cousin ...DREAM BIG!

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