Sunday, July 20, 2014

The "Me" That God Created

Happy Sunday...or early Monday it were! 

I have had a full day! and getting ready for my trip next week, and some bonus time with my Emily...who just returned from a mission trip. 

This week...I will be getting on a plane, flying to California and once again, have the honor of watching some amazing professional beach volleyball and seeing my original inspiration in action!  What a blessing...No need for searching for my UMPH this will flow freely!

I find myself still amazed at the twists and turns of this Journey.  As I head into this week...I am cognizant of the fact that I am responsible for living with intention...fighting for this out loud...and pursuing the dream of being the best person I can be...Maximizing the Gifts God has given me...and sharing those gifts with other.

My incredibly wise friend Camille sent me these words this weekend.  She and I share a great love of words...and I often find hers a great source of inspiration, encouragement and UMPH!!! 

Here is what she said:

"Focus on what you can do better...Not what you can do better than someone else"

I loved this for a few reasons...but mostly because it reminded me that I am on a mission to a better me...Not a contrived me...Not a me that stacks up well when compared to others...But a better, true, authentic me...that lives fully as a child of God and strives daily to live by example.

My purpose lives in God Promise. 

The better I take care of my body, my mind and my spirit, the better I am at being Me...the Me that God Created and blesses daily.

I Gotta Be ME!!! :)

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