Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Fluffy Girl Safe Zone

Hello there...Early post today.  We had our office Christmas luncheon today so the chances of me working for the rest of today are Slim to None and Slim just left!  You couple that with a trip to the Neurologist this morning for an eye-opening 31 needles to the head...I am pretty much done!

After working until after midnight last night, obviously I did not work out last night.  So despite my desire to whine about my shots today...haha...I am going to work out this evening.  This is kinda funny and kinda sad all wrapped up  in one...Now...since I started this Journey...every Wednesday I start to hit the panic button about Friday weigh in....I am like...CRAP!!!!  I have to workout really hard Wed and Thurs...I have got my weigh in on Friday morning....AAAARGGGGHHHHH!  It makes me laugh and kinda seems a bit pitiful that I am freaking out about exercising ENOUGH....4 months ago...I would have been freaking out if you told I had to work out at all!!!  Funny!

So today presented a food challenge for me.  We had our company Christmas party (lunch) at Maggiano's.  I am guessing most of you that read my blog are familiar with Maggiano's...if not, just know that it is a family style Italian restaurant..with family style meaning...more food than one could possibly eat in one sitting.  It also means lots of gooey, cheesy, noodley, yumminess and after all of means more gooey, chocolatey, cheesecakey, cookieness, yumminess.

  This place is not a Fluffy Girl Safe Zone....

There were huge platters of lasagna, spaghetti and meat sauce, calamari, etc....however, we did have a grilled chicken dish, asparagus and two different salads to choose from. So I passed on the ooeyy gooeyy and ate the salad and chicken.  But here is the KICKER people:  I decided to look up  the caloric value of the food I consumed...Let's just say that my weigh in tomorrow could be a bust!! MY o MY...don't go to Maggiano's if you are counting calories...NO Bueno!!! Oh well...C'est la Vie!  As an important side note...the food was delicious! Of course! Oh...and I did have a tiny dessert...ahhh, confession is good for the I even have pics of the dessert! 

My sweet co-workers Amanda and Jonathan gave me a Christmas gift today!!! Sweet and appropriate!

Here is a pic!

More pics..

Tomorrow is weigh in #18...Say a prayer and wish me luck, please!  Have a great Thursday evening!!!
Love and Hugs!
Kerri Walsh posted this via Twitter earlier today.  Loved it and thought I would share:
"Little Children, let us not love with word or tongue, but in deed and truth"-1John 3:18

A little Christmas Cheer for you!

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