Saturday, December 29, 2012

LIVE-Not Just Survive

Hello!  I hope all is well!  I am enjoying the start of my 4 day weekend!

Slept in and then worked out...My work out was a struggle!  Still battling this cold and stuff so my body felt tired.  BUT...I continue to keep moving!!!  I figure that is better than NOT moving.  I managed to get in about 40 minutes of cardio and then about 15 minutes of weights. 

I am sure that everyone, regardless of levels of fitness, hit a wall physically sometimes...I am experiencing that!  But I must say, as a Fluffy Girl, it feels a bit early in this process.  Logically, I know that is NOT true...but certainly makes it more challenging when I feel like this:

I will say this, as a Fluffy Girl, the fact that I keep showing up and moving has to count for something! 
So after my all of its labored glory, I ran a couple of errands and headed home...where I was forced to admit that my headache was at migraine level and I needed to take care of myself.  You know I must say this....the migraines are fewer and farther between.  Good news!  I am going for not having them at all.  I am wanting to believe that at the end of this Journey...the Migraines will be a thing of the past!  That is my vote!!! 
Tonight Tone Tone and I had dinner and saw Parental Guidance!!!  I really enjoyed the had more depth than I expected.  It was funny and touching!  I LOVE Billy Crystal...always have!  Mom and I had the pleasure (sort of-really gut wrenching at times ) of seeing Billy Crystal on Broadway in his one-man show called 700 Sundays!  It was the story of the  time (700 Sundays) that Billy Crystal had with this Dad before he passed away.  Really touching, at times gut wrenching story of life with his Dad.  Reminds me that life is short...sometimes shorter than we expect!  So LIVING is a good idea!  Which brings me right back to the moral of this Journey...
Despite the challenges, physical or otherwise...One thing I am sure about...This Journey 120 is ALL about Living...and if I survive in the process...good for me!!! LOL!
I apologize for the late hour!  Will see you tomorrow.  Happy Sunday!


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