Thursday, December 13, 2012

Everyday I'm Guzzlin'

Is it OVER yet???  I am hoping this day is over soon...I have been so busy at work that I am on overload.  And trying to manage my stress.  I think after I finish blogging about de-fluffing, I will start another one about de-stressing...LOL!  Just the thought of that stresses me out! 

I am going to work out tonight...Nothing too strenuous because my grumpy 45 year old back refuses to fully cooperate.  I am going to the Chiropractor tomorrow morning and am getting a massage to see if that will relieve the tension and pain.  Here's hoping!!!

I am still having a few typical fluffy girl being hungry at inopportune times...that sometimes feels like ALL the time.  I have been forcing myself to drink more water.  WATER....WATER....WAAATTTERRRR!
One of my co-workers told me that we (people) are supposed to drink half of your body weight in ounces daily...HOLY COW....If I drank half my body weight in water daily...the world's water source would be gone before I lose this weight...not too mention that I would have to move my office, bedroom, t.v., the bathroom!!!   Can somebody please tell me who these people are that come up with all these rules about water drinking...Let me is the CEO of Ozarka!!! 

OK...So I am drinking water, eating right, working out...and still struggling to lose the fluffy stuff!  BUT...Like I said yesterday...good things are happening...despite my displeasure with my progress.  I will continue to FORGE ON!!! I will dangit, I will. 

I am still INSPIRED!  Still going for the weight loss to speak...I just have to DIG down deep!!!

MAWA Inspired....God Inspired!!!!

One of the tips that people have shared with me quite a to chew my food thoroughly, eat more slowly, etc...I found this video...maybe I should eat like this!!!

Here is our Christmas song for the day...Enjoy!

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